Hi, I'm Rachel Young

A nutrition & health coach & wellness consultant.

Nutrition, health, and wellness have been my purpose for many years. I help people to change habits. I’m all for a balanced approach to life, it is for living, so let’s do that well.

Helping and educating others is my passion, I strive to empower people to make the best decisions they can for their health, enabling them to live to their best abilities and achieve their goals.

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How did I end up working in the wellness space?

So, what path did I take to end up working in the wellness space? I’m most definitely curious, and I love to learn to develop my thinking. I have always been self-educating on all thing’s food and health related, as like most I have had challenges with my health.

I started my working life in marketing, then went on to teach business and maths for 10 years. In 2014 my mum passed away when I was in Australia. I then took the decision to upskill in project management, a 5-year career in telecoms and tech pursued. During this time, I started to formally study nutrition and health. Since then, I’ve also studied Buteyko breathing, qualified as a yoga teacher, and completed a postgraduate in Workplace Wellness at Trinity College, Dublin.

A bit about me

Things from my life that have helped shape the person I now am, I am an ex-smoker, I stopped in 2009. Hands down this was the best thing I have ever done for my health. I am the daughter of a mother than was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s when I was in my early 20’s. My periods stopped when I was in my mid 20’s, years later this was diagnosed as an autoimmune condition of the pituitary gland. In my mid 30’s it was advised that I should consider freezing my eggs, I took this advice, and have one on ice. I drank milk out of a babies bottle till my 8th birthday, yup 8! I now have osteopenia a knock-on effect from my autoimmune, them bones them bones need a lot more than calcium!

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Here’s my story, tell me yours

When I was 28 it was discovered, I had a second stomach. This was non-functioning and at 20cm x 10cm it was the biggest thing inside me and had to be removed. I had anaesthetic awareness during some of that operation, PTSD followed this, as did numerous hernia repair operations.

December 2019 saw the beginning of a chronic inflammatory condition, thankfully that’s under control now.  I am sharing this story, as I would like to help others that are living with the same condition. You can read about it in my latest blog post. Aside from all that, I’m healthy as a horse!

These challenges have enabled me to bring together my skills, training, knowledge, life experiences and lifestyle habits to work in this area.

I’m a minimalist and enjoy the simple things in life, less stuff, happier me. I love being in nature, exploring everything that it has to offer. I treat myself to experiences, never to food, food is a necessity and nourishment, not a treat, a core value of mine. It is extremely important to me that my actions reflect my values, leading by example, and walking the talk.

I love connecting with people and hearing their stories.

This is my story for now; I’d love to hear yours.

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You are unique and that's exactly what my approach to your nutrition and health will be.

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